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Sunday, 8 January 2017

Impromptu Pillowcase

Literally, at the last minute I decided to make a little something extra for one of my aunts one day before Christmas. I had already intended to give her a bottle of white vinegar that I had infused with elderflowers earlier that year but as this particular aunt lives far off in Turkey most of the time, she is being a bit neglected as far as in-between flower bouquets and impromptu pieces of cake are concerned.

Therefore, the Ghanaian cotton scraps seemed to be a fabulous choice in whisking up a last minute present. I used the big scraps to piece a pillowcase. To hide and secure the seams I lined it on the inside with a few of my less loved fat quarters. If I had more time, I might have framed it with bias tape but I am pleased with the outcome anyway.

My aunt liked it alright so I will call it a win – especially in view of her still banging on about some fantasy themed poster I gave her when I was 14 (!), which she put on the wall in her apartment in Turkey. She showed me a picture of it there. (Ughh!) While I am sure that my gift was age appropriate at the time AND it being nice of her to honour my present - I’d rather she got rid of it now – 20 odd years later. Maybe I ought to buy her a new wall picture - one in accordance with my current tastes – ha ha. 

Anyway, in view of the poster story I am certain that my pillowcase is in good hands and will be used. I am glad I made it.

I link up with Scraptastic Tuesday =)

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

The Bee Hive 2016 - December Block - Wanta Fanta (again)

Yule Queen Bee Ileana was the last queen in 2016 to request a block. Ileana settled for the lovely 'Wanta Fanta' block, which I thus got to make a second time that year. That time round, the fabrics were to shine in the ever classic combination of inky blues and off whites and in my case a bit of ivory thrown in. The fabrics were to be floral or geometrics and the blues were to be veering towards the cool and muted spectrum. I expect the quilt top with its timeless look to be an instant classic.

Puppilalla, Wanta Fanta, free bee block, Quilting bee, The Bee Hive, Foundation Paper Piecing

Bearing in mind that fellow bees, yielding to life's demands, had to partially bow out throughout the bee year, I decided to make two blocks with the 'angel block' making up for the absence of a former fellow bee. It is hard on the queens, whose turn comes late in the year, when fellow bees have to bow out and thereby do not manage to reciprocate the efforts that this bee invested throughout the year.
 (That is not to say that I am not fully understanding of bowing out. Sometimes it cannot be helped despite one's best intentions) Anyway, I made these two blocks.

Puppilalla, Wanta Fanta, free bee block, Quilting bee, The Bee Hive, Foundation Paper Piecing

I myself fell in love with how the blocks turned out and am happy to report that Queen Ileana approved as well once the postal workers' pre - Christmas strike in the UK cleared and she finally received her queenly mail. =)

The only misgivings I have concern the absence of light during the eternally grey Berlin winters. It is almost impossible to shoot a decent picture (meh). 

Puppilalla, Wanta Fanta, free bee block, Quilting bee, The Bee Hive, Foundation Paper Piecing

A worthy finish to the 2016 bee year. Happy New Year and cheers to new challenges.

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Death by Goulash - Farewell to an E-reader cover

No, this is the new one =)

when you were still new and almost shiny

Oh beloved cover of my e-reader. Thank you for keeping my e-reader(s) free of dust, protecting them of scratches and impacts with blunt and sharp objects over the last four years. No other object, including my purse and set of keys spent as much time with me as you and by extension the e-reader you covered did. Whenever I wanted to while away an hour, all I had to do was to look out for your bright orange ribbon advertising the whereabouts of my reader. You have been to Cuba, Ghana, all around Europe with me and have seen all the bags I own from the inside. Stemming that spill of goulash you saved my reader for the last time and sacrificed yourself in the process. I will remember you with fondness.

Last Saturday I visited my parents. They had prepared some goulash that day and kindly made me take some home. Unfortunately, the container leaked and a few items in my backpack got soiled. Among those was the lovely e-reader cover I had sewn about four years ago.

Once home, I stuck the backpack and e-reader cover straight into the washing machine. The backpack that was permeated with Ghanaian red dust wanted washing anyway. It is black so stains don’t show but for the e-reader cover that was finally it.

Actually, the cover had been coming apart for a while now. I wrote on November 4th last year that I would replace it some time soon with the intention to use the inky blue fabric that I had purchased at the fall fabric market in Potsdam. It does now line the new one. 

Before making my way to my parents that day, I had been to the fabric shop to buy one-sided heat bond and could not make my way past the ‘From Porto with Love’ print by Cotton & Steel. So pretty. I purchased the smallest possible amount and by close play of Sunday evening I had sewn up a new whimsical e-reader cover. 

May it last as long as its predecessor.


Tuesday, 28 June 2016

The Bee Hive 2016 - June Block - It Is Very Much Sea Themed!

You know what I said the other week about having known instantaneously that I had the fabrics to accomodate a queen bee's request? Well, in this instance it was just the opposite. When I read Michelle's  request I went 'Oh no, I have absolutely nothing of that description in my stash! '  - only I had.

Queen Michelle requested the 'Autumn Chain' Block in celebration of her Birthday, which is in Autumn. She decided on shades of blue, though green was acceptable too. The lightest shade could be light as white but for the background we were to find a sandy light yellow-ish colour because let's face it - 'it is very much sea themed! And, also no florals please.'

Puppilalla, Sew Mama Sew, Autumn Chain Block, Patchwork, Blossom Heart, The Bee Hive

Knowing my stash, I am aware that it consists mostly of secondary and tertiary colours, while true reds, yellows, greens and blues are virtually nonexistent. Yet, sometimes my stash manages to catch me unawares. I remembered that I a had one single print that could fit the sandy background requirement and started digging. On the quest of locating that print - lo and behold - I found plenty of possible contenders in the blue category even without florals.

Puppilalla, Sew Mama Sew, Autumn Chain Block, Patchwork, Blossom Heart, The Bee Hive
Who would have thought! So here is my addition to Queen Michelle's sea themed quilt to be. I also cut a few further pieces of fabric to size and sent them along, so Michelle can make a further block using those.


The Bee Hive

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Snowball Block Quilt - Late in Summer

Hi there, I wanted to take a moment to share a completed snowball block quilt with you. It is the first quilt I made for myself rather than gifting it to friends and their kids.

Snowball block quilt Puppilalla Design green blue

It is a very basic design of snowball blocks alternating with simple fabric squares. I had fallen in love with the Bloomsbury Gardens Quilt by Rita from Red Pepper Quilts and decided to make a bed sized version for myself.

snowball block quilt Puppilalla Design green blue

Colour wise, I wanted something reminiscent of late hot summer days near greenish dark ponds, overhung with willows and whispering reeds full of whirring dragonflies, where the willows swallow up the wind and time seems slow as molasses. Therefore, I settled for olive greens and summer sky blues with a bit grey and gold sprinkled in between. 

snowball block quilt Puppilalla Design green blue

The decision to add some fabrics of Joel Dewberry’s 'Modern Meadow' collection came somewhat later because I felt the quilt needed some graphic elements. It felt too tone-in-tone and somehow lacking in tension. While the 'Modern Meadow' fabrics did not exactly match my colour scheme, they enhanced the quilt a lot by adding texture. I did agonize over the question whether or not to include the red bits but now I am glad I did. 

Late in Summer modern Snowball block quilt Puppilalla Design green blue

It fascinates me to look at the back of completed quilt tops.

Late in Summer modern Snowball block quilt Puppilalla Design green blue

I used an olive green embroidery floss to big - stich around the inner border once.

Late in Summer modern Snowball block quilt Puppilalla Design green blue

For the backing I choose a lovely soft fabric called 'Mind the Moose' by Soft Cactus.

snowball block quilt Puppilalla Design green blue

I very much like my LATE IN SUMMER snowball block quilt and look forward to it adorning my bedroom for years to come.